WATCH: Lindsey Graham Completely Rejects Trump’s Big Impeachment Trial Blowout

The U.S. House of Representatives is gearing up to impeach Pres. Donald Trump, and Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is gearing up right along with them to prepare for Trump’s trial in the Senate.

Remember when Lindsey was a sometimes-good-guy and John McCain’s BFF? Yeah, me too. But I digress.

On Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures,” Lindsey said that he will NOT play into Trump’s dreams of having a big overblown dramatic trial in the Senate. And that includes House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), who Graham says he won’t be calling as a witness.

This goes against everything Trump wants. Here’s what I think: Trump is on some level enjoying the impeachment fight. He loves a fight. It’s one of the things that seems to excite him. So a big trial in the Senate with tons of witnesses and intrigue would flatter Trump’s ego. Lindsey ain’t having it.

“Here’s what I would tell Adam Schiff,” Graham said. “Do you really want to start calling other members, Republican members of Congress in oversight? Do you want me to call you to the Senate as part of Senate oversight?”

Schiff has been under constant fire from the GOP all throughout the impeachment inquiry. This is largely because his staff met with the whistleblower before an official complaint was fired. Schiff also recently released the phone records that show that our boy Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and Rudy Giuliani are up to their necks in dookie in this whole Ukraine scandal.

In spite of all this, Lindsey says he doesn’t want to hurt the country (raise your hand if you think Lindsey really cares about our country…) so he’s not going to do a lengthy Senate trial.

“I’m not going to participate in things that I think will destroy the country,” Graham added. “We’re not going to turn the Senate into a circus.”

Lindsey’s going to try to get this trial completed very quickly, he says. Because he knows what’s best for President Crybaby.

“When 51 of us say we’ve heard enough, the trial is going to end,” Graham said. “The president’s going to be acquitted. He may want to call Schiff, he may want to call Hunter Biden, he may want to call Joe Biden. But here’s my advice to the president: If the Senate is ready to vote and ready to acquit you, you should celebrate that.”

The fact is, Trump wants a fight. The prospect of it is probably the only thing that’s giving him an erection these days. At least Lindsey is smart enough to know that the more witnesses are called, the greater the likelihood that a can of worms will be opened that can’t be closed.

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