Listen: Trump’s Christmas Meltdown About Pelosi During Call With The Troops

Pres. Donald Trump can’t stop playing the victim and attacking the most powerful woman in America—House Speaker Nancy Pelosi—even when he’s on the phone with active-duty troops for his annual Christmas phone call.

“She hates the Republican Party. She hates all of the people that voted for me and the Republican Party. …She got thrown out as speaker once before. …. I think it’s going to happen again. She’s doing a tremendous disservice to the country, and she’s not doing a great job. And some people think she doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

Meanwhile, Trump praised Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who has pledged to that he’s working in full cooperation with the White House and Trump, Donald Trump, essentially putting the accused in charge of the trial.

“We’re in a very good position. Ultimately that decision is going to be made by Mitch McConnell and he will make it — he has the right to do whatever he wants. He’s the head of the senate. People remember they treated us very unfairly, didn’t give us due process. Didn’t give us a lawyer, didn’t give us anything. Now they come to the Senate and they want everything.”

Trump is referring to the fact that Nancy Pelosi is holding onto the articles of impeachment until she can ensure a fair trial will be held in the Senate. Trump and the Republicans are enraged about it.

But let’s get to the lies Trump told our troops. First of all, Trump had every opportunity for due process. The White House declined the invitation to participate in the House impeachment hearings. Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti told USA Today that the White House has no legal basis to say that the process is “unfair.”

“The process doesn’t appear to be unfair,” he said, “particularly given that Trump has chosen to withhold evidence and witnesses without any basis and has refused to participate when offered the opportunity.”

Second, they did have an attorney present (and not a very good one). Stephen Castor served as the GOP staff attorney for the hearings, and some people in the media and on Twitter suggested that he was so clueless about what was going on that he was almost an asset to the Democrats. Hilariously, Castor showed up to the hearings carrying what appeared to be a grocery bag.

Who could miss that? So of course, they had an attorney there. My husband said, “did Trump get a court-appointed attorney???”

Anyhow, more proof that Trump’s claim of “no due process” is bullshit is that he opted to not send a White House lawyer to the subsequent impeachment hearings.

Reports are that Trump is deeply scarred by impeachment. People close to him say that the one thing he’s craved more than anything in his adult life was to be significant. Certainly, his bitterness is apparent since he can’t even have an appropriate call with active-duty soldiers.

Trump made the call from Mar a Lago, where he’s taking a two-week vacation. He was speaking by video conference to troops from all five branches of the military, which included an Army unit in Kuwait, Marines in Afghanistan, a Coast Guard station in Alaska, and a Navy unit in the Gulf of Aden.

During the call, he wished the troops an “amazing Christmas” and shared that he got Melania a “beautiful card,” but was still working on a Christmas present for her.

“You made me think. I’m going to have to start working on that real fast,” he said.

Well, I’m sure they were glad to help.

Featured image via White House Flickr



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